Kilkenny Campus Students

Kilkenny Campus Students tell their story

As you embark on your first few days in college there is a lot to learn. For most of you, there will be lots of new experiences. It will be the first time you will have lived away from home and the first time you will have to study and work independently. It is exciting and scary all at the same time, even for mature students who have other experiences to draw from.  Remember you are not the first. First Arts students have been studying in Kilkenny Campus since 2013 and they have shared their stories with us.

Conor 2

Conor C., Kilkenny Campus Student 2016/2017

I was a mature student who wanted to go back to education to re-skill for a new work environment. I researched all the facilities available to me and decided to apply for the arts degree that Maynooth University offer. The Kilkenny Campus played a huge roll in my decision to do my degree through Maynooth University. The small class sizes meant that it was possible to have an excellent working relationship with the lecturers. The lecturers could not have been more helpful; they made me feel at home from the first day and played a huge role in helping me adjust to life in full time education.

The main reason I chose to study in the Kilkenny Campus was the small class sizes. I was not afraid to ask questions in lectures, which benefited my studies. Another reason for choosing the Kilkenny Campus was that I would be able to live at home and commute to college daily, which saved me paying for accommodation.

I would strongly recommend studying at the Kilkenny Campus to anybody who is thinking about going to college. The experience and knowledge gained throughout first year is a great asset to have heading to the main campus for second and third year. The staff in the Kilkenny Campus are extremely friendly and their door is always open to you. The facilities are excellent and there is loads of space to study in peace.

Katie 2

Katie O’N., Kilkenny Campus Student 2016/2017

I live locally and this was one of the main reasons for choosing Kilkenny Campus. I also really wanted to go to a smaller college for my first year as I felt it would be easier to adjust to third level education. The campus setup in Kilkenny really offers a unique learning experience and my time there was really positive. Lecturers were available to help students at any time and knew their students well. I think the smaller campus also made it much easier to make friends and to settle in to university life.

Jonathan 2

Jonathan M.,  Kilkenny Campus Student 2014/2015

My year in Kilkenny was not just a great educational experience, which gave me the confidence to carry on with my studies, but also a brilliant social experience, which has helped me to thrive.

I studied History, Theology and Economics. The choice of subjects was excellent and to narrow them down was the difficult part. I tried Anthropology, Philosophy and English before settling on my three chosen subjects. The class size is one that provides a great opportunity for learning and I firmly believe that it helped me to develop an understanding of the subjects and ultimately let me achieve the highest grades I could.

The smaller classes also prepared me for the transition into the main campus of Maynooth for second year and my results continue in the same vein. There was an excellent opportunity to get to know all the students on campus and create some great friendships, which has led to living with other Kilkenny students up in Maynooth. In school, I always found exams difficult and my results often showed this. However, with the help of an online class during the first semester I found the techniques which suited me best when studying, and my results have been very good. Hopefully this continues.

I would highly recommend First Arts in Kilkenny Campus to any students just coming out of school or those who are thinking of returning to education after a break. It provides something for everybody both educationally and socially.


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