5 Things to Do in Kilkenny

5 things to do in Kilkenny during your first semester in college

By September your time in Kilkenny Campus, Maynooth University will have officially started. You already know there is lots to keep you busy on campus, what with getting to grips with study and assignments and sitting in on lectures. However, you should also carve out some time to explore the great city you have chosen to spend your first year in college.

These are our top tips for what you could do in Kilkenny during your first semester with us.

Kilkenny Castle

  1. Kilkenny Castle – Probably the most iconic structure in Kilkenny. You can take a tour of the castle or simply enjoy the gardens and parkland surrounding it. An ideal place for a walk in between lectures to clear your head.



  1. Smithwicks Experience – search things to do in Kilkenny and this generally tops the list. Described as a “multi-sensory and interactive experience of what life was like at the St Frances Abbey Brewery over the past 300 years” the experience encourages you to “dive in head first and experience first-hand how to stir the mash and sniff the hops”. Sounds good to me. Nice way to pass an hour or two.


Shankill Castle 03 - Lake

  1. Scarefest in Shankill Castle, Paulstown – now this is something to get you into Halloween mode. Each November the Castle’s residents take brave participants on a ghost tour of the 300 year old castle and the 11th century graveyard. It comes with a health warning though. It is not for the faint hearted, under 15’s and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult! It must be worth doing as it has been booked solidly for the past two years. This might be something Kilkenny Campus Society could organise for you!



  1. Kilkenomics – each November Kilkenny plays host to Kilkenomics, a fascinating combination of comedy and economics! It has been described by the San Francisco Times as “an utterly bizarre idea but the public love it”. This unique festival would make a great student night out (especially for those students who take economics) and a good laugh to boot.


Kilkenny on Ice

  1. Kilkenny on Ice – Christmas starts here. From late November through to January Cillin Hill transforms into a winter wonderland with a huge ice rink for you to test your skating skills. Kilkenny Campus students have been known to book out the rink just for themselves. You should definitely give this one a go. Moreover, they offer special group rates!

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